Independent movement of two cars

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Car A is travelling on the motorway at a constant speed of 100 km/h (27.8 m/s) and is at the entrance of an access ramp. Its motion is described by the equation y=27.8 in (m/s). At the same instant Car B is entering the access ramp acceleration lane to the motorway at a speed of 60km/h (16.7m/s). Car B is accelerating and its motion is described by the equation y=16.7+1.39x in (m/s) x represents time in seconds.

Part a: Plot both equation on a single graph.
Part b: Use the graph to estimate the time at which both cars will have the same speed.
Part c: From the graph, estimate how far Car B will be behind Car A when they move at the same speed.

Solution of the example in word.


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